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It was the evening of Thursday 11th September. There wasn't a lot on TV, 
so what's a girl to do. Take a fully dressed bath that's what!!

I went to my bedroom and had a look for a suitable outfit. I found a red 
silky frilly blouse that I hadn't worn for a while. That would look nice 
soaked I thought. I teamed it with my black mini skirt, black stockings 
and black leather 4inch high heels and into the bath I went. I thought 
back to the first night I wore this blouse. I was going out with my 
boyfriend long before I knew of his passion for wetlook. But he has 
always been passionate. I felt sexy in it that night and it feels even 
sexier now I'm wearing it in the bath.

After my bath, I went downstairs and connected to the Feet and Shoes 
Chatroom. I was still in my wet clothes and I usually find someone on 
the chat to talk to about wetlook (as long as I get shoes in their 
somewhere). Anyway, I started talking to a girl called Monica (name 
changed). I told her all about my love of wetlook and that I had take a 
fully dressed bath that night. She was so impressed that she disappeared 
for a few moments to dip her heels in the bath. She told me that she 
felt really excited by soaking her shoes. 

Later, she dared me to take a bath in a really expensive outfit. I said 
I would. She asked me if I would wear a white silk blouse, black 
panties, a navy blue business suit, white stockings, navy blue high 
heels and black gloves. Fortunately, I have that very outfit. I said I 
would do it and signed off. I quickly went upstairs and got out of my 
currently soaked clothes, dried myself off and got into the business 
outfit described above. 

I filled the bath once again. When it was full, I ran my gloved hand 
through the warm water. That felt nice. I climbed into the bath, letting 
the water fill my high heels, then sat down in the water. I let the 
water soak into my suit skirt before laying back in the water to 
completely immerse myself. Then I began to play with myself, running my 
gloved hands over my drenched suit and transparent silk blouse.
That was probably one of the best nights I have ever had.

More wetlook stories to come.  Have a wetlook experience you'd like to share with us?  Please add it to our forum

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