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2018-01-12 (17 photos) 
When she gets over the initial shock of falling into the water fully dressed, she realizes she's really enjoying herself in the water. She usually is so proper due to the strict office dress code. The pencil skirts and high heels. It feels so good be completely wet, to have water fill her leather shoes and her wet blouse become transparent and stick to her skin....
2018-01-05 (17 photos) 
She can't believe this. She is soaked head to toe from her perfect hair to her $400 Stuart Weitzman office pumps....
2017-12-29 (42 photos) 
A unique way to wash her shoes and clothes....
2017-12-22 (26 photos) 
Now a fully dressed bubble bath....
2017-10-27 (49 photos from the archives) 
Considering her outfit is getting so wet anyway, she pours water all over herself. At the wild parties she goes to nobody will notice if she shows up with her shoes and clothes soaking wet....
2017-10-20 (45 photos from the archives) 
Party girl needs to wash her car before going out tonight but the only shoes she has with her are the heels she plans to wear tonight. It's too late to go home and change so she washes her car in high heels knowing they'll get all wet at the party anyway....
2017-10-13 (44 photos from the archives) 
This beautiful office girl gets home from work completely exhausted. She wanders straight into the shower fully clothed, jacket, boots and all. She relaxes under the warm running water until her boots are filled and her office blouse becomes see through. If her co-workers could only see her now....
2017-10-06 (30 photos from the archives) 
This bad girl continues her antics in the water, soaking her whole outfit and high heels. Apparently she has nothing on under that wet blazer....


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