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2017-07-21 (34 photos) 
Sexy slinky dress wetlook in nature....
2017-07-14 (30 photos) 
Playing fully clothed and wet....
2017-07-07 (37 photos) 
Sexy hotel maid steps into the pool in her uniform....
2017-06-30 (34 photos) 
Sexy outdoor wetlook...
2017-05-05 (19 photos from the archives) 
Jumping into the pool and swimming underwater fully dressed, Cuban stockings, high heels, belt, dress and all....
2017-04-28 (24 photos from the archives) 
Falling into the pool fully clothed. Then getting out of the pool fully clothed....
2017-04-21 (28 photos from the archives) 
Alexis shows off the back seams and reinforced heels of her Cuban stockings by wetting them for us so they get nice and shiny....
2017-04-14 (31 photos from the archives) 
Alexis wets her skin tight dress, stockings, belt and heels posing on the infinity edge of her pool....


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