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2017-09-15 (30 photos) 
Attitude girl gets into the water in her skimpy outfit defiantly blowing smoke from her cigarette....
2017-09-08 (37 photos) 
She completely soaks her formal dress and high heels for this wetlook shoot....
2017-09-01 (38 photos) 
Super tall fashion model in formalwear and high heels in the water....
2017-08-25 (40 photos) 
This glamour model had no idea what she was in for when she signed up for this wetlook photoshoot. Part of the deal was that she wore her own clothes. Had she known she would end up in the mud she surely would not have worn a white dress and her leather boots. She tried not to look distressed for the shoot but was in fact quite distressed as the muddy water filled her favorite boots....
2017-06-30 (34 photos from the archives) 
Sexy outdoor wetlook...
2017-06-23 (20 photos from the archives) 
Sexy realtor comes home after a hard day at work and steps right into the tub for a warm relaxing bath fully dressed and lights up a cigarette....
2017-06-16 (70 photos from the archives) 
Beautiful wetlook model gets into the pool, bath and shower in sexy jeans and leather high heels....
2017-06-09 (50 photos from the archives) 
Beautiful girl, sexy high heels, and flowy skirt get soaked in bath and shower. Another classic from Wetlook Girls....


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